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Digital Manipulation on Your Photo

 Do you have a photograph you would like me to transform Into a one of a kind image?  I recently did one for a customer that I think turned out beautifully.  They provided me with a photograph of a waterfall they like to visit and I created a digitally modified image.  This is the final piece.

 This one was done as a 24" x 60" canvas gallery wrap with a floating frame.  


I charge $50 for the initial manipulation.  Once I see your photograph we will work together to come up with the vision you are looking for.  I am usually able to provide you several choices.  I then charge you for the final finished piece.  Depending on final size it can be a print, a framed panorama, or a canvas gallery wrap with or without a floating frame.

If you would like to try this send me an email at and we can start the process.

Note: You must own the copyright of the photograph (meaning you took it yourself) or have the permission of the copyright owner to use the photograph.  


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