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Click here to set up a zoom meeting. -

If the times on my calendar are not convenient for you email me at  or call me at 407-314-1516 to set up a convenient time for you.

Do you need help picking out a grouping or a single image?
Would you like to talk about creating a serene atmosphere in your professional office?
Do you need a special size and want to see what an image cropped to that size will look like?
Did you see an image at an art festival that you loved and now have a space for but you can't remember the title and can't find it on the website?
Do you want to talk about me doing manipulation on your image?
Talking to you person to person is my favorite way to help you choose some of my artwork for your home or office.

By sharing my screen I can help you choose a special grouping.
You can show me the space where you are looking to add a piece right on video and I can make suggestions.
If you want to zero in on a particular part of an image, I can show you a crop that will do that.

If an email or a phone call just won't cover it, let's Zoom.

Please use a tablet or computer to connect to Zoom for our meeting.