Now available on Zoom. Email me at for a meeting.
Now available on Zoom. Email me at for a meeting.
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Canvas gallery wraps and unframed prints will always be shipped. Free delivery for framed pieces is now available to locations within 100 miles of Louisa, Virginia.   If you are able to choose the delivery option at checkout you are within the delivery area.  I am also open to meeting you halfway. Call or email me to arrange / discuss delivery to areas past 100 miles or meetup halfway options etc.  


Canvas gallery wraps and unframed prints will always be shipped.  Pickup is available for framed pieces.  I will meet you at a location of your choice in either Louisa or Charlottesville.  Choose  pickup at checkout and the shipping charges will be removed.


Shipping of prints will be by Priority Mail in a heavy duty tube.  Canvas gallery wraps will be boxed and securely packaged to avoid damage.  Larger size standard prints may be shipped flat.  Expedited shipping can be arranged.  Please call or email for a quote.   Join my email list (home page, bottom right) for up to $50 off of shipping.  

What do you use for framing?

  • Black metal frame – Nielsen profile 97 on the small and profile 24 on the large
  • 100% cotton rag mats white with a black inner mat
  • UV resistant glass
  • Archival backing board

Prints are hinge mounted not dry mounted. Hinge mounting allows you to remove the print from the backing board should you ever want to re-frame with a different size frame and mat.

Additional information can be found here.

Can you do custom framing such as a different color mat or type of frame?
At this time I am not offering custom options but I am always open to your suggestions! The best thing to do is to buy a print and take it to your local framer who can offer you hundreds of options.

Is your glass reflective?
Yes. If you have an area that is getting a lot of sun, I suggest a canvas gallery wrap rather than framed under glass. Additionally, you could bring your print to a local framer who can use non-reflective museum quality glass.

Why is there such a difference in your prices between print only and framed?
Each framed piece is done by hand using high quality materials to extend the longevity of your print. This is a process that takes time and skill to ensure you receive the highest quality piece.

How long with my print / canvas gallery wrap last?
Canvas gallery wraps are rated to last 100 years without fading under good conditions. Prints are rated to last 108 years however framing non archival materials or non UV resistant glass can reduce this time. If your purchase fades after a short time please contact me.

Can I hang my canvas gallery wrap outside?
No, it will significantly reduce the lifespan.

How long does it take to get my purchase and what if I need something in a hurry?
Prints are printed when you order them and need to dry a couple of days before they are shipped or framed. Shipping on prints is by Priority Mail and depending on distance takes 1 – 3 days. If there will be a delay in process I will email you after your order.

I generally have a stock of both print and framed items in the large panorama format that you can choose from that will ship immediately. If you need a faster shipping method, I can invoice you for expedited shipping. I will do my best to get your print to you quickly.  

Why are standard format prints not available framed?
I have a very small studio and I’m not able to stock the glass and frames for the several sizes offered. Also, standard format prints are generally less expensive to frame since they are a standard size.

How are your prints shipped?
Prints are shipped rolled in a tube by Priority Mail. Look for the blue tube in your mailbox.  Canvas gallery wraps are shipping in a heavy duty box.

Will you ship outside of the United States?
I will, however shipping prices change frequently and I don't want to overcharge or undercharge.  Email me and I will find out current shipping costs and invoice you separately.

Do you display your work anywhere?
Check the link here  and it will show you where I will be at art festivals
and a list of galleries where you can see my work.

How do you do limited editions?
My prints are limited to 150 regardless of size.

Will you digitally modify a photograph that I have taken?
I will modify your photograph for a charge of $50. You would then pay the regular price of any prints you would like. It needs to be in a digital format and sent to me in the largest size possible, however I have successfully modified mobile phone photographs. If I find I cannot modify it I will return your $50. The result may be a panorama or a standard format. If you really want a panorama, I can let you know in advance after I have seen the image if it will work as a panorama and refund your money if it will not.

Will you donate a piece to my organization for a silent auction etc.
Honestly, probably not. What many people do not realize is that I get no tax break for a donation. I am allowed to deduct my materials only, not the retail price, and my materials are already a deduction. I do support several conservation organizations mostly in my home state of Virginia.

Do you offer any discounts?
I offer a multi piece discount on panoramas both prints and framed. You can see this discount reflected in the groupings page but you do not need to order a specific grouping to get the discount. If you are not ordering a specific grouping just let me know by email what you would like and order the grouping that has the number of items in it that you are ordering.

I often offer discounts to members of my email list. You can sign up at the bottom of my home page here
I advance print the images that I take to a show each year so that I can quickly frame in between shows. After all my shows are done for the year and I’ve taken my fall photography trip I have a sale on prints that will not be going into the next year. This sale will be on my website and communicated through my email list as well. It usually happens mid November.

I have a Black Friday sale and a holiday sale for my email list members.

If you are a member of Wild Virginia I offer a 10% discount on online sales. Email me at for details.

Except in certain circumstances - one discount per purchase please.

How can I contact you if I have an additional question?
You can email me at, or message me on Messenger straight from this website, or call me at 407-314-1516.  My phone hours are 6AM - 8PM 7 days a week.