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Shipping costs can vary greatly depending on location.  If your shipping cost is less than what I actually pay for shipping and shipping materials by $10 or more I will refund the difference.

International Shipping

International shipping is available for Canada.  You should be able to check out normally.  If you have any issues please contact me.

Shipping Prints

US Shipping of unframed prints will be by your choice of UPS or FedEx in a heavy duty tube.  UPS is $10 per print and FedEx is $20 per print.  

Shipping Large (8.5" x 35" framed to 14.5" x 40.5") Framed Pieces

Shipping of large framed panoramas will be by UPS or FedEx.

UPS Shipping rates (as of March 2024)

  • 1 Piece - $150
  • 2 Pieces - $200
  • 3 Pieces - $325
  • 4 Pieces - $425

If you are purchasing more than 4 large framed pieces you can either enter separate orders so no order is more than 4 pieces or send me an email and I can get you a custom quote on shipping and send you an invoice for all pieces on one order.

Shipping Canvas Gallery Wraps and Alumimum Prints

Shipping on canvas gallery wraps or prints on alumimum ranges from $10 - $40 each on standard size images and $20 - $40 each on panoramas depending on size.  These are special order so I will let you know the shipping cost with your overall price.

Shipping Small (7.25" x 17.5" framed to 9" x 20") Framed Pieces

Shipping small framed pieces will be $40 per piece by UPS or FedEx.  In some cases I can combine two pieces into one package and will refund the extra shipping charge to you. 

Damage in Shipping

If the package appears damaged in any way please take photographs of the packaging before opening the package.  Please save all packing materials and contact me as soon as possible.  If damage is extensive I will work with the shipper to get your piece replaced.  If it is something that can be fixed by a frame shop such as broken glass with no other damage I may ask you to take it to a frame shop to be fixed and have the frame shop call me for payment.  If there appears to be broken glass only please carefully inspect the frame.  Often, something that breaks the glass will also bend the frame and that would neccesitate replacing the entire piece.

Lost Shipment

If you do not have your shipment and it is showing as delivered I will ask you to file a police report so that I can get the insurance in order to replace your piece.  If you feel your area needs a signature required delivery please let me know when ordering.

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Canvas gallery wraps, prints on aluminum and unframed prints will always be shipped. Canvas gallery wraps and prints on aluminum will be boxed and securely packaged to avoid damage. Free delivery for framed pieces is now available to locations within 100 miles of Louisa, Virginia with a minimum order of $400.  I will waive the minimum order amount for locations closer than 50 miles for large or small framed pieces but it must be done manually so email me at, call me at 804-464-8384.  If you are able to choose the delivery option at checkout you are within the delivery area.  I am also open to meeting you halfway. Call or email me to arrange / discuss delivery to areas past 100 miles or meetup halfway options etc.  


Canvas gallery wraps, prints on aluminum and unframed prints will always be shipped.  Pickup is available for framed pieces.  I will meet you at a location of your choice in either Louisa or Charlottesville, Virginia.  Choose  pickup at checkout and the shipping charges will be removed.