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Reasons for a Zoom Consultation

I first set up Zoom during the pandemic because I had meetings to attend that were suddenly all on Zoom.  Then some shows that had to be cancelled in person switched to online and they required Zoom.  That was when I found out how useful Zoom could be in helping people pick out pieces for themselves.

For my business, the most common use of Zoom has been to help people pick out groupings.  I've also helped people pick out groupings by email with me emailing thumbnails of groupings but that often results in a lot of back and forth emails.  By sharing my screen and showing a grouping in real time the process can go more easily and quickly.

But that is not the only use of Zoom that I've found.  

I worked with a couple who had a light green wall and were wondering if a piece they liked would look okay on their light green wall.  Through Photoshop I was able to create an background of their wall that matched the light green color and then add a mocked up framed image of the piece they liked against the wall.  Although I thought it would work and they thought it work it was immediately apparent that it clashed and would not look good on that wall.  We were then able to try other images against the green and they ultimately picked a different piece for that wall as well as purchasing their original choice but for a different wall.

I worked with a couple who needed a specific size of image.  While I only have materials to frame or print in the two sizes that I offer, different sizes can be done in either aluminum or canvas.  This particular couple wanted a large size of a smaller piece cropped out of one of my abstract pieces.  I was concerned that once the small crop was blown up to the size they wanted it would not look like what they were expecting.  On Zoom I was able to scroll through the full size image to make sure it was what they wanted.  They were very happy with the final result.

I worked with a couple who wanted several small framed images to place around a piece of art they already had.  They sent me a picture of the piece and the dimensions of the wall.  I built a background to scale with their artwork in it and we were able to try various pieces to see which ones went best with the existing artwork.

So Zoom isn't just for picking groupings.  It is an easy way to try out different images with existing artwork or to see how an image will work with a colored wall or even try a crop for a special size.

Previously you had to email me or call me to set up a Zoom session.  Recently I set up an automated scheduling application so you can go directly to Zoom Consultations to set up a session.  My normal available hours are 9AM to 7PM Monday - Thursday and 9AM - 1PM on Friday.  The automated scheduling will sync with my calendar so you can be assured that I will be available for the time you select.

Come Zoom with me and get that perfect piece or pieces for your home or office.


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