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You were so shy at first.  Little did we know what was to come.  We brought you home, Tigger greeted you with a growl and we hastily put you in the spare bedroom where you rushed under the bed.  I would go in every couple hours and talk to you and in a day you came and sat in my lap. 

You quickly warmed up and well you became a bit of a brat but you were so loving it was hard to get mad at you.  We found out why you were named Tank.  You lacked the grace of a normal cat.  You would jump on the coffee table and take a couple books off with you.  You loved attention and it didn’t matter if it was negative or positive.  When we named you your fancy name for being a registered Bengal you were very close to being called Little Bastard Tank.  We settled on Little Rascal Tank.  You loved to knock things off my desk and then steal my chair when I got up to retrieve them.  You had to be kicked out of the bedroom when the bed was being made.  Every once in a while, we had to have what I called The Yelling.  You would do something, possibly dangerous or aggravating like climbing in the shelves in the laundry room knocking everything down.  I would tell you no.  I would get the water bottle.  I would physically move you away from whatever it was.  You would keep going back and doing the same thing until I finally had to scream at you “STOP IT TANK”.  I swear you would smile and would walk away like “gotcha, I win”.  You would then tuck it away in your bag of tricks for the next time you were being ignored. 


The other cats miss you, Sarge most of all.  When Tigger passed away and we got Sarge you raised him.  Sarge was never our cat.  Sarge was your cat.  From the time we brought him home, rescued from the street starving, you took him under your wing.  You washed him and let him sleep in your basket with you until the two of you no longer fit.  Sarge was your shadow and it was always the two of you in my office, you in my lap and Sarge in his basket.  You always ate together.  Sarge keeps looking around for you when he goes to eat.  


You were the house greeter.  No matter who came in you ran to say hello while all the other cats raced under the bed. 

When I started working from home you were my shadow.  You sat on my lap when I worked or played computer games.  You sat on my lap or next to me when I watched TV.  You would sit on my lap on my hand so I could scratch your belly.  If you weren’t in my lap you were nearby.  You slept with me every night.  I miss you terribly.  No cat will ever replace you.