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Framed or just the print?

Framed or just the print?

I offer framed pieces in two sizes and prints in two sizes.  I also offer prints on aluminum and prints on canvas by special order.  A couple times a year I get a call from someone local who wants to exchange their print for the framed version.  I know what has happened, they have been to the framer and found that archival framing isn't inexpensive.

However, there are pros and cons to ordering your print already framed.  Starting with the obvious, a framed print is significantly more expensive.  Then again, if you wish to display it you're going to need to have it framed eventually and you will most likely find, as the people above who exchanged theirs, that a framer is most likely going to charge you more than you would have paid if you bought it framed from me.  The reason for this is I buy everything in bulk.  The drawback to this is I frame with one type of frame, one type of matting, and one type of glass.  This results in a substantial cost savings to me which I then pass on to you.  I'm in the business of selling art, not framing so most of the cost of framing from me is the cost of the materials and my labor.  So the bottom line here is IF you are a local buyer who can take advantage of either my pickup or delivery options and IF you like the framing I provide your best option is to buy the print framed.

Those IFs are pretty big though.  Shipping a small framed piece is not that much more than shipping a print but the shipping cost of a large framed print is significantly more expensive than shipping a print.  So if a large framed piece is $450 and US shipping is $90 and just the print is $135 with shipping of $10, you now have $395 to spend on having your print framed locally.  You can see my specifications for framing here and also check out my blog on archival framing here.  You can take this information to your framing shop and then decide which is your better option.

If you don't like the way I frame then definitely buy a print.  A frame shop is going to have so many options for you to choose.  You can get a wood frame to match the wood in your room.  You can get different color mats.  I like simple frames on my work but you may have a different opinion and it is your home or office so it is important that you like it.

There is another choice as well.  Prints on aluminum and prints on canvas are not nearly as expensive to ship and will arrive ready to hang if that is a look you like.  They are a little more expensive than a framed piece to start out but you don't have to worry about getting them framed.  A frame can be added to both alumium and canvas if you like a framed look without the glass.

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