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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

What you see above are the Christmas decorations that I just put up.  Took me 15 minutes mostly trying to find the "tree" in the closet.  This is how you do Christmas decorations when you have five cats.  Last year the tree had one red ball, however Ollie was its downfall.  That ball had lasted through 15 Chrismases but it was no match for Ollie.

Here's Ollie last year.  Notice how intently he is staring at the red ball.

Anyway, we always have a quiet Christmas at the Thomas house.  My parents passed long ago, Clif's mom goes to Las Vegas, and my daughter and family go to her dad's.  In past years we've made a special dinner but this year we decided to have Chinese and relax.

New Years Day My daughter and family and Clif's mom will come over and we will have brunch and open presents.  It's usually pancakes or french toast but this year we're cutting back on sugar so it will be steak, eggs, fruit, and a special nut roll ordered from the couple who bought my tent.

Lots to be grateful for this year.

Happy holidays and a Happy New Year to all!

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