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Fog and the Mountains

Fog and the Mountains

I love to take images when the sky is blue and the grass is green but sometimes the best images come in lousy weather.  It's been raining for a little more than a week now, 5 inches of rain.  I kept waiting for the forecast to clear to get out and take some pictures.  Eventually I just said I'm going up in the moutains anyway and headed for Skyline Drive.  The trip up, while it was peaceful and more deer than cars, looked like I was going to come home with nothing.  Every overlook was so foggy I couldn't see anything, just a wall of fog.  But on the trip back the sun came out just enough to start burning off the fog.  One of my favorite things to see is the fog lifting up off of the mountains.  What started out as a nice drive with no pictures turned into one of my best photo trips.  Below are Rock and Fog, Fog Lifting, and Fog Trees.


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