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Why I don't delete my photographs

I just traded a spider's nest of chaos of external disk drives for one 40T(terabyte) disk drive that will do automatic backups.  Why do I need so much space?  Because I don't delete photographs that I take.  Why don't I delete them?

1)  Some of them are memories.  I have 20 years of photo trips on my disk drives, many taken with my husband or friends.  Looking at those photographs takes me back to that trip, that experience.  They take me back to sitting beside a lake in quiet conversation waiting for sunset.  Even though the sunset wasn't that great I still took photographs.  I remember the mangroves of Florida that I never managed to get a decent photograph of but they were still magical.  

2) Some of them are attempts to show a particular vision that don't work out.  I can then study them to figure out what went wrong.

3) And some of them, due to increased skill on my part or just a second or a third look turn out to be images that are worthy of putting on my website and images I can be proud to sell.

Fog on the Lake is from a photograph that I took in 2016.  I don't know how I didn't see the promise of what it could be before but it is here now.

Winter is the time that I go through old images and see what I can make from them.  Unless there is fog or snow it's kind of dreary out there.  So I sit at my desk and go through photographs and remember and study and sometimes come up with something new.

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